A Review of Exercise Machines

By Cardio Machines Reviews Team

Cardiovascular exercise, referred to as cardio, is an activity that raises the heart rate to a maximum level while still allowing the subject to function normally. Training machines let individuals perform important exercises that make the heart and lungs stronger. Cardio programs use exercise that develop and enhance well being, mental and physical health. Among the benefits of a workout that emphasizes cardio are:

-Burning calories

-Aids in losing weight

-Makes heart stronger, allowing an easier blood flow

-Reduces risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, diabetes

-Increases lung capacity

Cardio exercise makes one feel better, look better and reduce day to day stress.



machines 07Cardiovascular exercise takes many forms. Unlike muscle training, consisting of exercise that focuses on the development of muscle groups, cardio comprises motion that involves the entire body, increasing heart rate and blood flow throughout. There is nothing better for this type of exercise than exercise machines. The workout always requires a certain amount of intensity, but over doing it puts too much pressure on the heart. The best machines can help monitor and maintain the exertions of exercise. Forms of recommended cardio exercise includes bicycling, rowing, brisk walking, running and jogging, skiing. Anything that not only uses the whole body, but pushes it beyond comfort levels, has the potential to be a cardiovascular exercise. The best machines simulate these activities, recreating the cardio experience while maximizing the benefits of the experience. Let’s look at the two most popular forms of in home cardio workout tools.


Cycling machines allow a cardio experience in the comfort of the home. Watch television, read a book or perform a quick program before heading to work, 20 to 30 minutes, 3 times a week and receive a full, recommended cardio workout.

machines 12The DiamondBack™ UltraSmooth® Magnetic Technolology 910-Indoor Cycle is at the head of its class in training machines. Designed to recreate a studio cycling experience in the home, it puts computer controlled resistance at your command. It has not just 4 heart rate controlled programs, but 18 other workouts and 32 levels of resistance. Create real world riding conditions while accurately tracking calories, distance, time, watts, heart rate, speed and RPMs. This is an essential tool for indoor cycling and promises an excellent cardio experience.

Looking at customer satisfaction, comments on the ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer say it offers an incredible workout. Providing effective cardio for beginners to competitors, users have called it “a great buy … for the high-end bikes to get a good workout”. With tons of adjustments to accommodate any rider, it’s “a smooth bike, quiet, solid and very durable”.

With transport wheels that allow place to place movement for the cycles, these machines are geared for access and providing an outstanding cardio workout.


machines 08They create a similar cardio experience, but that’s where it ends. A treadmill, undoubtedly the most popular, if not the best, tool for cardiovascular exercise, can be as simple as something that rolls under the bed, or as technologically sophisticated as to have the capacity to emulate a run up a famous mountain halfway around the world. A basic manual treadmill operates on user movement. The rest are motor driven and have features that control speed and inclines to workout programs.

The Solo Sports MT2000 Manual Treadmill is an excellent cardio machine. Considered a green product as it uses no electricity or motors that require maintenance, it’s compact with an ability to fold and slip under a bed or in a closet to save space. Quiet with effective resistance, the fully padded handlebars ensure safety and stability. There’s also a rear incline adjustment that offers 2 different positions. The built in monitors keep track of speed, time, distance, burned calories and scanning. This is an affordable option for treadmills and getting a solid cardio performance.

Serious enthusiasts can take a look at the Landice L7 Pro Sports Trainer. Top of the line, it has the sturdiest frame imaginable. With a 4 horsepower motor, it features a wireless heart rate monitor, one touch speed adjustment and elevation controls. With a warranty that guarantees parts replacement for the life of the unit, the fairly steep price may be worth it. This product is the ultimate health-club quality tool for in home cardio. Flush with the latest engineering technology and down home American craftsmanship, the appealing styling works in any environment. The L7 is the serious alternative for joggers, runners and competitive athletes.

Best of the Rest

machines 04A cardio dual trainer offers a two in one exercise experience. The Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer is both an elliptical trainer and exercise bike. With a programmable LCD console and more than 10 heart rate driven presets, it is a steady, quiet and effective, well constructed product.

If skiing is a sport of choice and one can’t get up to the Alps this week, the Kettler Ergometer EXT7 Elliptical Cross Trainer 7863-090 is a fine piece of fitness equipment. With its gliding footplates integrated into the construction, there is a closer authentic simulation of hitting the slopes while enhancing cardio motion.


The long lasting effects of cardiovascular exercise will only strengthen the core and lift the spirit. It’s a fun and healthy alternative to other forms of exercise. Build up resistance to common ailments and improve overall wellness with this approved activity. Cardio machines can help achieve these goals in many ways.