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The Air Walker Exercise Machine – First Step to Better Health

By Cardio Machines Reviews Team

For great cardio workouts, the best option is an air walker exercise machine. It supplies a low impact routine that fully tones the body. Ideal for beginners, enthusiasts and professional athletes, expect an energizing, healthy aerobic workout.

Aerobic Exercising

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends adults under the age of 65 perform cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times a week. Cardio machines are excellent for promoting mental and physical health. Yet, unlike jogging and running, there is no jarring to the knees, spine and ankles. No need to take the weather into account. Just climb on and take the road to getting in better shape.


Regardless of your budget, this step aerobics equipment can be found at incredibly affordable prices. Look at the models carefully. Most are easy to use and come equipped with:


Heart rate monitors

air walker exercise machine 01LCD that shows:
Burned calories
Steps taken 

A lot of these machines offer full body workouts, though this isn’t necessarily the case. Which muscles the air walker exercise machine develops will depend on the mechanics. Based on the full movement, one could be focusing on glutes and hip flexors, or strengthening calves, or giving the hamstrings and quads a workout. Be sure to discuss this with the vendor.


If looking to keep it extremely affordable, the Sunny Air Walker Exercise Machine is a solid choice. Quiet and smooth, it’s for all ages and fitness levels. With the standard features, it’s compact, easy to use and could definitely be a best exercise machine for weight loss. Featuring an abdominal support pad, it promises to maximize a serious cardio workout with full body toning.

air walker exercise machine 02In the moderate price range, look at NordicTrack’s A.C.T. Commercial elliptical machine. It targets specific muscle groups with adjustable strides, allowing the user to control resistance. Mimic walking or running gait with this exercise machine. It’s programmed with 26 workouts based on aerobic, performance or intensity. Also, create a real-world experience with iFit Live. Map a virtual workout for anywhere in the world. Even compete with other iFit users.

For the enthusiast, the True ESXt is both high end and fairly expensive. But prepare yourself for the most natural, steady and comfortable workout on a cardio machine imaginable. The adjustable stride accommodates any height. The interchangeable soft step cushioned orthopedic footpads make numbness and foot discomfort a thing of the past, to the point where it can be used barefoot.


If you are not interested in jogging, or prefer to stay indoors, any home gym should have a cardio machine. If space is limited, there are fold away models that can be stored in closets or under the bed. Work out the whole body with an air walker, from arms, chest and back, to strengthening the lower body. Take it to the next level: lose weight, increase heart strength, and promote emotional and physical well being with a low impact cardio workout on an air walker exercise machine.